2013 July

Lecture September 18th: Doug Conn

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Doug Conn is one of the most highly revered magicians in the world. With over 20 years experience as a professional magician, and having performed across the world for restaurants, bars, casinos, riverboats, banquets, tradeshows, meetings, conventions, corporate events, and various other types of events, very few magicians of this era have the unique standing which Doug Conn has achieved.
Apart from being a marvel in his trade, Doug Conn is also known for his fun interactions with the crowd. His distinct, satiating style of presentation is not only informative, but also is an inspiration and has contributed to the craft of professional magic worldwide. Doug is credited with, among others, two major DVD releases, ‘Built to Last’ and ‘Pinky Swear’, which has been hailed as an ideal resource for any aspiring magician to perfect his or her skills.
Interestingly, Doug’s DVDs do not just look at the popular tricks of the trade but include his experiments and a detailed guide for the “intermediate magician” to hone ones skills in commercial magic. Performing magic for fun or as a personal hobby and performing magic commercially are not the same. Doug’s informative DVDs sheds light on a plethora of subjects that a budding magician ought to discover, know, learn and practice.
“While both the DVD projects have found widespread critical acclaim and have been bestsellers worldwide, I am ready to deliver my upcoming education magic lecture tour across the country. As a part of his ‘Connspiracy Theories’ tour throughout the United States, I will be hosting 2 hourlectures at every stop in the tour where magicians can be a part of the pricelessly informative and inspirational hands-on coaching in a fun setting.” Said, Conn Owner Doug Conn Magic
During Doug’s informative and fun lectures, magicians of all levels will be able to watch, learn, and practice everything from magical effects to various scientific theories and how they apply to the professional world of magic. Doug will also share some of the secrets that have made him one of the most respected names in the world of magic.

Lecture Flier: http://dougconn.com/DougConnflyer.pdf

New Website Launched!!!

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So this is the new website, we are working to fill it with wonderful content.  In the members section we will have instructional videos and pdf documents.  If you have a trick you would  like to submit please email it to Michael Brewer.  If you have any suggestions for content please send it to me as well.