2014 January

Special Guest: Brad Henderson

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Brad Henderson

January 20th, 2014: Special Guest Lecture by Brad Henderson

Brad Henderson has been studying and performing mentalism since he was 19 years old. He has presented his brand of mind reading performances all over the world, including earning a standing ovation at the 1999 TAOM convention in Austin, TX. Brad was a consultant for Michael Ammar’s Easy to Master Money and Card Series, appeared on a special psychics and mindreader’s episode of the Weakest Link Game show, consulted on both the Discovery Channel’s Mysterious World of Alain Nu and ABC Family’s Exploring the Unexplained, and was an outspoken product reviewer for Magic Magazine. He has had articles published in Genii, Magic, The Linking Ring, MUM, and numerous other publications.

Brad was a featured contributor to Ben Cummings’ underground tour du force Conversations with Mindreaders. His book, The Dance, is considered to be one of the leading resources on cold reading. His lecture on scripting was a highlight of the inaugural Mindvention. He performs magic and mind reading in a variety of venues and for audiences of all ages and types.

This evening Brad will explore what makes mentalism mentalism; the public and professional perceptions of mentalism; how they originated; and what we can do to overcome them. Brad will share a simple but illuminating approach to thinking about mentalism which will not only allow a better appreciation of mentalism as an art form, but will also empower interested performers to create more impactful mentalism performances. Along the way, Brad will share a handful of techniques which will immediately improve your understanding and execution of two seminal mentalism techniques, the equivoque and one ahead. Finally Brad will demonstrate one of his current works in progress, exploring how it came into creation, the problems encountered in its development, the solutions considered, and why specific choices were made.  If time remains, he may even teach a trick.

This experience can be as interactive as the club desires. Brad promises to hold nothing back when it comes to exploring the theories which underscore mentalism, many of the ideas to be presented have been shared only with his closest of confidants. Feel free to come prepared with questions. Brad wants this to be the mentalism lecture YOU want it to be.