2015 February

Feb. 28th: Magic Auction, Eric Jones Lecture

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Eric Jones

Close-up master Eric Jones will be lecturing after the auction. Admission is $5 for auction attendees.

It’ll be cold this Saturday, so come warm up at the 34th annual World Famous Austin Magic Auction.  The deals will be HOT!

The Austin Magic Auction has officially logged in more than 1,500 items – including fantastic stage effects, great close-up tricks, books and collectibles. Volunteers have spent weeks preparing for the big day, cataloging and tagging everything from squared circles to mental epics to a Geo Illusion. A portion of proceeds benefits Assembly 2o6 of the Society of American Magicians.

Doors open promptly at 8 am. Everyone, yes everyone (including auction chair Trixie Bond), pays the $10 entry fee. But that gets you in for the entire day, plus your proof of entry is good for half-price admission to a lecture by close-up master Eric Jones  after the auction (more about that later). Complimentary hot coffee and morning treats will be served between 8am-9am.  The Magic Camp Café will be selling breakfast tacos and other goodies too.  The live stage auction begins at 9.

Our auctioneers C.J. Johnson, Scott Wells and Grant Walsh will take the lead selling stage items. Throughout the day they will be joined by guest auctioneers Kent Cummins, Oscar Munoz, Jim Gentil, Matt Dulinhaunty, Brad Henderson and maybe even another surprise.  Many people tell us they come for no other reason than to see the show put on by the auctioneers.

Auction Chair Trixie Bond

Auction chair Trixie Bond  is happy to pay $10.

Magic Camp will have snacks and drinks available for purchase. Hungry for a real lunch?  Magic Camp also will have an “All You Care to Eat” buffet with a choice of three hot entrees (spaghetti and meatballs, vegetarian primavera pasta, shepherd’s pie), salad, bread, tea and water included for just $10 per person.  Lunch will be served from 11:30am-1pm.

Eric Jones Lecture

The auction is scheduled to end at 5 pm.  A little bit later, at 7 pm, Philadelphia magician Eric Jones will be lecturing at a nearby YMCA, only about 1,000 yards from the Cedar Park auction site. Jones is a master coin and card manipulator, and was a big hit during a recent Texas Association of Magicians convention. Cost of admission is $10, although it costs only $5 with proof of entry from the auction.

Collectors’ Meeting

And if all that’s not enough, don’t forget the collectors meeting on Friday, February 27th at 7pm.  Claude Crowe, Ron Cartlidge, Arthur Moses, Brad Henderson and Randy Naylor will be speaking.  Kent Cummins, founder of the Austin Magic Auction, will give a history of how it all started.  If you want to share one of your collectibles, have a question or just want to listen, you are invited!  There will be a light dinner of sandwiches, chips and soda available for $5 per person.

Need to stay over Friday or Saturday night?  Rooms are still available at the brand new Bungalows Hotel.

Getting There

  • Friday Night Collectors Meeting and Saturday Magic Auction: Twin Lakes Fellowship Church, 1150 South Bell Boulevard in Cedar Park.
  • Saturday Night Eric Jones Lecture: Twin Lakes YMCA, 204 East Little Elm in Cedar Park. The lecture will be held in the “Survivor Cabin.”

David Stone wows Assembly 206

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David Stone

David Stone

Whether from laughter or astonishment, David Stone left Austin’s Assembly 206 gasping for air during his hilarious magic lecture February 16th.

Direct from Paris, the master magician performed a number of miracles — many of them of his own devising — and then provided explanations and performance tips.

He produced cards from thin air, performed mental prediction tricks, and astonished with a number of other mysteries. Although Stone’s handling was effortless and nuanced, it was his winning personality that sold each effect.

“This was one fantastic lecture,” said Coby Chase, who was among the 40 or so Assembly members on-hand for the high-profile event.

Stone began with a number of bottle productions — from a drawing pad, from a balloon and from a borrowed jacket — performed flawlessly and hilariously. The magician then produced a deck of cards from a wadded bit of foil, followed up with a number of card miracles. He invited to the stage two female audience members — and then flirted with them mercilessly. The resulting laughs continued for the remainder of the lecture.

Among the card miracles was one in which Stone made an entire deck disappear, a deck color-change routine, a card stab routine, and an original effect in which a colored dot appears visibly on a chosen card.

The lecture was part of a quick trip to the United States by Stone. A day previously he performed for a group of magicians in Houston for a banquet there.

A Message from President Steve Farmer

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Assembly 206 President Steve Farmer

Okay! We started 2015 with our first meeting in January on “Teaching Magic.” I again want to thank the presenters JD Stewart, Peter Heinrichs, Brad Henderson, and Kent Cummins. All four did outstanding jobs giving up information to help the audience become better teachers of our art.

Great door prizes were donated by “Teach by Magic,” a company well associated with SAM National. Prizes included books from Teach by Magic, and one year subscriptions to the website. All members present also received smaller giveaways.

Besides the theme, another reason for choosing to have the meeting at” Fantastic Magic Camp, was to introduce the membership to a different location. Thanks again to Peter Heinrichs and Bertil Fredstrom for making this possible.

The current location where we hold meetings is the Omni South hotel. It’s an awesome destination for a performance or lecture. The price of 212.00 dollars each time we book it including hard candy, water, paper, and pens, is a great value for the location

However, I’ve been to meetings that had less than 10 members attend. It doesn’t seem reasonable to spend that much money for so few members. At this previous spending rate for space alone, all it takes is a couple of years of poor returns on the Austin Magic Auction to heavily impact our treasury.

Therefore, this year the board has scheduled meetings at other locations in addition to the Omni South hotel.

Here’s the list for the coming year meetings: (There may be more lectures than listed here.)

  •  February 16 ­ David Stone Lecture for SAM 206 members only. (Membership dues can be paid at the lecture.) This will be held at the Omni South hotel. Dues are 25.00 dollars for the year – same as last year – and include at least 2 more lectures that will be free to members.
  • February 28 ­ Magic Auction at Heroes Night Out, located in Cedar Park. This is our annual fundraiser. It generates the funding needed to consider paying over $200.00 a night for a meeting space, and to continue paying for extraordinary lecturers. There’s an entry fee for everyone. Contact auction chairperson Trixie Bond if you also want to help out.
  • March 16 ­ Location TBA. Meeting theme will be on Card Magic. Albert Lucio (2015 VP of membership) has promised some stand up material, as well as seated tricks.
  • April 20 ­ Open Mic / New Members Night. This meeting will be held off site at a local performance venue. Since it’s also New Members Night, it will be a great time to show off a new routine with a bunch of audience support. Jake Dyer is chairing; contact him for more info
  • May 18 – Location is TBA. So you became a member, learned a trick, showed it to a supportive audience, and now you can use a PROMO NIGHT. Here it is: This meeting will be a different kind of promo night, this one chaired by Albert Lucio. At least one promo photo per member will be taken, and presenters will share how to promote your talents and act.
  • June 11 A Free lecture for SAM206 members Non-members 10.00, Francis Menotti on Thursday June 11th. Location is TBA
  • June 15 – Jake Dyer will chair this Mentalism-themed meeting. Location is TBA.
  • July 20 – This will be a lecture month. The location will either be the Omni South hotel, or Fantastic Magic Camp. I’m chairing this one and am going to get an out of town lecturer. Maybe Darryl. Maybe someone else…I am actually hoping to get more than one.
  • August 17 – August will be a social gathering meeting, with a movie night theme. Family and friends are invited to attend invite as many friends and family as possible. Jake Dyer is chairing, with a location TBA.
  • September 21 – VP Ken Dickensheets is an avid magic collector, and will chair this year’s “TAOM Treasures” themed meeting. Bring whatever treasure you found at TAOM 2015 and share. Location TBA.
  • October 19 – This meeting is our annual Friends and Family Night. Members will present both close up table magic and Parlor magic. It’s a great time to bring someone who has an interest in magic, but hasn’t been around other compeers. This meeting is very important in that we make sure to invite as many friends and family as possible.
  • November 16 – With so many banquets and feasts this season, our theme will be “Magic with Food.” This is not the Restaurant Magic theme per se, instead we’ll explore the world of fun food magic. Steve Farmer is chairing. Hopefully, this meeting will be held at a restaurant TBA simply because the abundance of props.
  • Late December – Tammy Dietz has agreed to chair our Annual Holiday Banquet. Location will hopefully be at Trinity First Baptist (the same place as last year).

I have noted the Chair for each month. If you find it in your heart to help your fellow compeers, please contact that Chair to help produce another awesome meeting of

Magic ­ Unity ­ Might!

Magically Yours,

Steve Farmer