2015 March

April 20: Open-Mic Slots FILLED for East Austin Magic Showcase

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Make yourself famous. Volunteer to perform at the Assembly 206 Magic Showcase.

Make yourself famous. Volunteer for the Assembly 206 Magic Showcase.

Assembly 206’s first-ever Monday Night Magic Showcase will be held on April 20th, at  7 p.m., at the Dozen Street lounge on East 12th street. The showcase will feature a mixture of professional and amateur magicians, and all proceeds (after expenses) will benefit Assembly 206. There is no cover charge, but tips and donations will be graciously accepted.

We have accepted a number of open-mic volunteers for the showcase, and now all slots are filled.  But if you didn’t get in this time around, no worries – we hope to have another Magic Showcase in the future.

And if you don’t plan on performing, please come out and lend your support to your fellow Assembly members. Remember: the Monday Night Magic Showcase will be held in lieu of our regular meeting, and all proceeds go to help the club. The evening will be great fun.

March 16: Card Handling & Book Release

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Join us Monday, March 16th, for a great evening on card magic. Brad Henderson, Mike Brewer,

The South Austin Card Group will be releasing their new paperback book, "The Saturday Morning Session."

The South Austin Card Group will be releasing their new paperback book, “The Saturday Morning Session.”

Kent Cummins and Agustin Tash will debate their ideas on card handling. Each panelist will provide a 10-minute argument using card effects, sleights and experiences to present their side. Then the panelist will sit and take questions from the moderator, Albert Lucio, and the audience. It will be a great night of insight and prestidigitation.

At the meeting the South Austin Card Group will be releasing their new paperback book, “The Saturday Morning Session.” The book is 67 pages of card magic ranging from automatic to advance work by 10 amazing contributors: Mike Brewer, Ron Cartlidge, Kent Cummins, Terrill Fischer, Roger Gorss, Brad Henderson, Lou Hornung, Albert Lucio, Carlos Santillan and Agustin Tash.

SAM 206 members will receive a free copy. Non-SAM 206 members can learn how to order a copy at meeting.

And don’t forget: this meeting is at the Fantastic Magic Camp, in Highland Mall. You can click on this link for directions.

The Details:

Assembly 206 meets on March 16th at The Fantastic Magic Camp in Highland Mall at 6001 Airport Blvd, Suite N. . The meeting starts at 7 p.m. For detailed directions, click here.

March 7: Magical Lock Picking

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Can Kevin Moore help?

Can Kevin Moore help?

Kevin Moore, who has worked as a locksmith for the Department of the Army and has legally broken into a former nuclear storage site, will be conducting a clinic on magical lock picking on March 7, in Cedar Park.

The clinic is free for members of our brother organization, International Brotherhood of Magicians, Ring 60, and costs $5 for everybody else. It will be conducted from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Who is Kevin Moore?

Since 1999 Kevin has been employed as a locksmith for the Army at Fort Hood, our nation’s largest military installation. He is the only person there who is factory certified on all locks used by the U.S. government, and he is a certified GSA Safe & Vault Technician/Inspector.

Military criminal investigators look to Kevin for help on lock related matters. He has specialized in troubleshooting, bypassing and neutralizing lockouts — especially for high security uses. A personal best, Kevin has removed 13 arms rooms’ locks in one day. He also has designed and developed specialized tools, now in use by other locksmiths, and, in a significant career highlight, Kevin legally broke into a former nuclear storage site.

Earlier in his career, for five years, Kevin owned and operated a locksmith business in Iowa, where he served residential and business customers, the county jail and banks.

Kevin is a great guy and is excited to share his experiences. This clinic will be hands on. If you own hand cuffs and or lock picks, bring them.

By the nature of clinics, there are limits to the number of attendees. Don’t be disappointed. SIGN-UP NOW by contacting J.D. Stewart at jdsmagic@gmail.com or calling him at (512) 468-0011. It’s free to members of our sister organization, IBM Ring 60. It’s only $5 for non-members.

When and Where: Kevin Moore’s Magical Lock Picking clinic will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Heroes Night Out Facility in Cedar Park, 1150 South Bell Blvd. It’s free for IBM Ring 60 members, $5 for everybody else.


Austin’s Fantastic February: Magic Auction, plus Jones and Stone lectures

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Scott Wells, Kent Cummins, C.J. Johnson and Grant Walsh.

Although  Austin’s Assembly 206 hosted two great lectures in February, the biggest news for the month was its 34th Annual Magic Auction.

The largest Texas magic auction in recent memory, the all-day event brought together conjurors and collectors from throughout Texas and beyond. Auctioneers C.J. Johnson, Scott Wells and Grant Walsh took the lead selling stage items — more than 200 in all. Another 1,500 smaller items were available during the silent auction. A portion of proceeds benefit Assembly 206.

“I would like to give my sincere thanks for all the seriously hard work that all workers put into this project,” Assembly 206 President Steve Farmer said after the event. He noted the long hours necessary to bring the auction to fruition, and singled out for special thanks Trixie Bond, the auction chairwoman, and Heather Poggi-Mannis, the volunteer who took charge of the computerized check-out system.

Grant Jones helps run the stage auction.

Grant Walsh helps run the stage auction.

“I am humbled by their service,” he said.

Complicated by both the larger number of items on sale this year as well as an hour-long delay caused by icy road conditions, the Feb. 28th event nonetheless received enthusiastic thumbs up from many attendees. And despite the inclement weather, it was widely attended: attendees drove in from Houston, Dallas and even from out of state.

The venue was in Cedar Park, just north of Austin, at Twin Lakes Fellowship Church. The larger items — such as the Geo, Asrah and Modern Art illusions — were auctioned live from a stage created in the church sanctuary.  Small close-up items, DVDs and hundreds of books were sold in the silent auction, located in an adjacent gym.

Eric Jones Lecture

Eric Jones lectures after the auction.

Eric Jones lectures after the auction.

Eric Jones, the famous card and coin man from Philadelphia, provided after-auction entertainment. He lectured for about two hours in an  Assembly-sponsored event held in a nearby YMCA, about 1,000 yards from the auction site.

Assembly member Grettel Granados, who had a front-row seat for the Jones lecture, said she was particularly impressed by his coin handling and his patience as an instructor. “He was not only amazing, but truly gracious,” she said.

Direct from Paris

Another Assembly-sponsored lecture in February featured magician David Stone, of Paris, France. The master magician performed a number of miracles — many of them of his own devising — and then provided explanations and performance tips.

Although Stone’s handling seemed effortless, it was his winning personality and hilarious presentation that sold the magic. That lecture was conducted during the Assembly’s regular third-Monday-of-the-month meeting at the Omni Southpark Hotel.

Coming up in March: This month’s meeting, on March 16th, will focus on card magic.