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Monday, May 18: Member Promotional Night at the OMNI SOUTHPARK

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Agustin Tash will be taking promotional pictures for members during the May 18th Assembly meeting.

Come join us Monday night for the Assembly’s Promotion night and have your promo shot taken by Agustin Tash and Edward Boswell. Magicians are encouraged to come prepared with their performance attire for the photo shoots. Members will also have a chance to learn how to create a media packet and how to give a 30-second pitch.

The Assembly also will provide refreshments and cake so members can socialize while the photos are being taken.

The meeting this month will be held at the Omni SouthPark Hotel, 4140 Governors Row, Austin, TX, 78744.  We’ll get going at 7 p.m.

There are a few things to know about the promotional photos:

  • Due to time constraints it is highly encouraged that you are prepared and ready to take your photo. Time slots will be determined by the number of attendees. Attendees will be given a number with a corresponding slot for their photo to be taken. It is best to expect only 5 minutes of photo time.
  • The photo provided to you will be unedited images for you to edit or process.
  • Back drops will be white, green or hotel wall.
  • You must provide your own props (including tables, closeup pads, etc), makeup, hair styling, etc. A table will provide with mirrors to help you adjust into character before your shoot.
  • Please be courteous of others and use your photo time wisely. We only have the room for a short period of time and would like to ensure that every member has time to be photographed.
  • Headshots will be used for the SAM website membership page.
  • The photo session is free for SAM members. Non-members will be required to pay $25 for a photo session (this fee will be waived if you join the assembly).

Mind Reading, Magic, Burlesque at First Ever Magic Showcase

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Dozen Street, the site of the Magic Showcase.

Dozen Street, the site of the Magic Showcase.

A man visibly shrinks his head! A girl reads minds! A ukulele! Burlesque!

Assembly 206 presented those wonders and more on April 20th, during its first-ever Monday Night Magic Showcase. The show was open-to-the-public and free of charge.

Held at the East Austin Dozen Street lounge, the Showcase included both open-mic performances and several polished acts by veteran magicians. Assembly Secretary Jake Dyer and new member Jack Darling produced the event.

Dyer said he had three goals for the event: to promote Texas magic, to provide an opportunity for younger assembly members to amass stage experience, and to raise a little bit of money for the club.

Those missions were accomplished, plus audience members reported having a great time. About 50 or so people were in attendance.

Shelby Parsons

Shelby Parsons

“That was wonderful — loved it, loved it!” reported one Austin resident afterwards.

First up was veteran Brad Henderson, who performed a bizarro carnival stunt in which he appeared to visibly shrink his own head. Henderson also swallowed and regurgitated needles.

Following Henderson was Sofia Dyer, AKA “The Girl Who Knows,” who performed some rapid-fire mind reading. After that Assembly President Steve Farmer performed a bit with a zombified doll; young magician Shelby Parsons performed a card miracle and John “Madman” Maverick penetrated a sword through the neck of a nervous audience member.

The second half featured cool stage magic and mentalism by Jack Darling and Christine (who make up the comedy troupe, “Turning Tricks with the Darlings”); a magic and ukulele performance by Cranius Astounding; a funny-as-hell PG 13-rated burlesque bit by Helena Back; and finally more comedy magic by Peter The Adequate.

Pianist M.J. Torrance provided a live soundtrack for each of the performances. She also played lovely ragtime music before the show and during intermission.

Jack Darling

Jack Darling

All the performers graciously donated their time. The event also was made possible thanks to the behind-the-scenes technical wizardry of Assembly member Chris Walden, who worked the sound board.

Coby Chase came out with his daughter, Sydney. Both reported having a great time.

“Thank you so much for a great show,” he said.