2015 September

Mark Your Calendars: Magic Movie Night, Exclusive Supernaturalist Discounts, Vortex Wondershow

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These are great times to be an Austin magician. First, the TAOM came to town. Jay Scott Berry was on hand, as well as Amanda Eve, Randi Rain, Tiny Bubbles, Peter Samelson, Robert Baxt, Jade and a host of others. But that was just the Labor Day weekend. Look what else is coming up:


  • Sunday, Sept. 20th: Magic Movie Night Fundraiser at the Alamo Drafthouse. This fundraiser at the South Lamar location of the Drafthouse will feature a screening of The Prestige, starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, plus live close-up magicians before the film and an after-show featuring Peter the Adequate in the adjacent Highball. The movie starts at 6. The Drafthouse is sharing proceeds from ticket sales with Assembly 206. Go here for tickets or more information.
  • Oct. 2 – Oct 4: The Wondershow at the Vortex. Popular mentalist Jon Stetson will headline this great variety show. He’ll be joined by sword-swallowing comic Bred Loudermilk, sensational burlesque entertainers Ruby Joule and Coco Lectric, and western variety art entertainer Chris McDaniel. Also expect an exquisite aerial performance by Bethany Summersizzle of Austin’s Skycandy. Go here for tickets or more information.
  • Oct. 3 – Oct 4: Master Illusionist Ivan Amodei at the Omni Downtown.  Filled with world-class magic, fantastic story-telling, audience participation and incredible live music by Celine Dion’s concert cellist, this intimate performance weaves original, thought-provoking illusions, wit, humor, and dazzling live music together with an entertaining theatrical twist.
    Go here for tickets or more information.
  • CANCELLED Oct. 31-Nov. 1: The Supernaturalists at the Bass Concert Hall. Assembly 206 during its October meeting will be raffling two tickets to this spectacular magic variety show, produced by Las Vegas great Criss Angel.  Performers include illusionist Landon Swank, mentalist Banachek, femme fatale of legerdermain Krystyn and escape artist Spencer Horsman. Contact Assembly secretary Jake Dyer to get your special Assembly 206 code for discounted tickets. Go here for tickets or more information.

Assembly 206 Visits Only Theater Devoted Exclusively to Magic in Texas

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John Magic at his theater

John Magic at his theater

Coins appeared, as if from thin air — one after another — materializing at the magician’s fingertips. Sometimes he would cause the coins to multiply, with one mysteriously becoming two and then two becoming four.

John Wright, a relatively recent transplant to Austin, performed that wonder and others for Assembly 206 members during the club’s regular August meeting. But rather than coming to the Assembly meeting space and appearing as our guest, Mr. Wright welcomed us to his space and served as our host.

The August meeting was something of a a field trip for members. It was conducted at Magic’s Theater, owned by Mr. Wright and located just south of Austin. It is the only theater in Texas devoted exclusively to magic.

“He put on a great show and was a wonderful evening,” said one happy Assembly member.

Mr. Wright performs a full stage show each Saturday night at the venue, which he promotes as “Magic’s Theater.” He also leads tours of his extensive magic museum located on the premises. There’s a snack area at his venue and a spot for close-up performances.

Assembly members received a sample of the stage show. The Assembly also conducted a bit of its regular business in the 100-seat theater, a beautiful space with a raised stage and spot lighting.

Afterwards Mr. Wright led a tour of the museum, which includes a replica of Harry Houdini’s famous Chinese water torture cell, props from Doug Henning, an original Cardini award plaque, T. Nelson Downs coins and several other artifacts.

Mr. Wright spent most of his career in California, where he owned a successful business that catered to the film studios. He resettled in Texas after his retirement and then began construction of the theater and museum soon afterwards.

And he’s continued adding to the impressive compound, and currently is incorporating new museum acquisitions into added space.

If you haven’t visited Magic’s Theater yet, be sure to do so soon. You can learn more at Magicstheater.com. The phone number is 512 289-4461.