2015 November

Assembly 206 Plays With Its Food

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Kent Cummins produced a Dinner Magic workbook, with photos from Trixie Bond.

Kent Cummins produced a Dinner Magic workbook, with photos from Trixie Bond.

Never play with your food — that’s what mom always used to say.

Unless, of course, you’re a member of SAM 206.

The Austin-based magic club devoted its November meeting to food and table magic. With an eye to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Assembly 206 president Steve Farmer amazed and amused attendees with dinner rolls, coffee creamers, sugar packages and more.

“When I was sitting at a dinner table, I was asked to show something by someone next to me — this is what I did,” explained Farmer, before demonstrating the paddle move —but with a butter knife.

Farmer also described that same effect in a workbook created and edited by longtime Assembly 206 member Kent Cummins. The book included a number of other amusing effects, including a bit in which the magician produces coins from a hot dinner roll, and two bits using sugar packages. Each assembly member in attendance received a free copy of the workbook.

Following along from the text, club veteran Cummins also explained how hot beverage sleeves from your local coffee shop can be employed for the “Boomerang” optical illusion trick. That is, when displayed next to each other horizontally, the sleeves will appear to be the same size. But when displayed next to each other but vertically, one will appear to be larger than the other.

The meeting concluded with a quick bit by R.A. “Jake” Dyer, the club secretary. He performed an original routine that combined a card prediction, the magical materialization of an image, and a cut-and-restored card. The routine focused on a story about a “drunk uncle” that shows up during the holiday meal. It can be performed easily at the dinner table.

— R.A. Dyer


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Magical Mystical Michael Kaufman

Magical Mystical Michael Kaufman

By R.A. Dyer

Magical Mystical Michael with special guest Arsene Dupin — performing together as the infamous Mouth Brothers — will headline this year’s holiday banquet, to be held Dec. 14th at Austin’s First Baptist Church.

Doors open at 6, dinner is served at 6:45 and the magicians go on stage at 7:45. First Baptist is located at at 901 Trinity Street, in downtown. We’ve included a map, below.

Our banquet is a community potluck, although Assembly 206 furnishes the main course. There’s no charge to attend.

What can you do to help? Here’s a list of five things for your holiday check list:

First: send your RSVP to club treasurer Tammy Dietz. She can be reached at cantutg@sbcglobal.net. She needs to hear from everyone by Dec. 4th.

Second: bring a dish. If your last name starts with A through F, bring an appetizer. If your last name starts with G through N, bring a side dish. If your last name starts with O through Z, bring a salad. Also, Assembly 206 is hosting a dessert contest, so bring something yummy and win a prize.

Arsene Dupin

Arsene Dupin

Third: help us support the LifeWorks Foster Care LifeSkills Program. Please consider donating a gift card from Big Lots, HEB, Dollar Tree, Target or Visa — in any denomination. LifeWorks also accepts contributions of youth hygiene supplies such as soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrushes and deodorants. Other useful contributions include backpacks, spiral notebooks, pens and other school supplies.

The LifeWorks Foster Care LifeSkills Program works with foster youth to develop skills for self-sufficiency. Assembly 206 is proud to partner with this great organization during the holiday season. You can read more about LifeWorks Foster Care at www.lifeworksaustin.org.

Fourth: Although there is no charge to attend, we’d appreciate it if all members and would-be members come prepared to pay their $25 local dues for the upcoming year. It’s expensive running the club. By paying your dues, you help ensure that we have enough money for fun activities in 2016.

Fifth: THANK TAMMY DIETZ. Our Assembly 206 secretary works tirelessly every year to create a wonderful holiday banquet. When you see her, please be sure to let her know how much we appreciate her hard work. In fact, when you email your RSVP, you might ask her how you can help.

And now about Magical Mystical Michael and Arsene Dupin: the veteran comedy magicians have performed in countless cities here and abroad, wowing both critics and the public. They are  veterans of Renaissance Festivals, street fairs and countless corporate events.

“An impressive tour de force,” said one Chicago Tribune critic of Magical Mystical Michael, also known as Michael Kaufman. He’ll be joined on stage by Arsene Dupin, who has performed on TV and at the White House and is the resident magician of Austin’s One World Theater.

See you at the banquet and happy holidays!