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SAM 206 hosts UK Mentalist Ken Dyne in June

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UK Mentalist Kennedy Dyne lectures June 21.

UK Mentalist Kennedy Dyne lectures June 21.

Don’t miss this EXCLUSIVE Austin lecture of UK mentalist Kennedy Dyne. This globe-trotting veteran of conferences, corporate events and luxury cruise ships will treat us to some of his behind-the-scenes secrets, including such prized routines as the the lie-detector bit known as Mr. GOLDEN BALLS. You’ll also learn a book test that you will actually use and of course Kennedy will share his revolutionary approach to the ‘thought of card’ plot as well as much more.

As always, we’ll be at the All Saints Episcopal Church, 209 W. 27th Street, near the University of Texas campus in Austin. The June 21 meeting starts at 7 p.m.

It’s FREE for members, $20 non-members.

Austin Magic Calendar & Newsletters

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UK Mentalist Kennedy Dyne lectures June 21.

UK Mentalist Kennedy Dyne lectures June 21 for SAM 206. $20 for non-members.

Aug. 16 — SAM 206  Secret Session, 7 p.m.
The Assembly 206 regular membership meeting will NOT be held at All Saints Episcopal. Instead, we’ll be at BB Rovers Café & Pub, 12636 Research Blvd.



Esthers Follies, featuring Ray Anderson
525 E. 6th Street

Magic’s Theater, featuring John Magic
13419 Fitzhugh Road

Museum of the Weird, featuring Saul Ravencraft
412 E. 6th Street


Have a magic event for the calendar? Email jakedyer@yahoo.com.

SAM 206 Hosts Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse

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Mr. Greenheart

Mr. Greenheart

Let’s Go on an Adventure Together!

Come one, come all — to a Circus Variety Show featuring characters from Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse! CIRCUS PICNIC Entertainment Studio unveils a theatrical experience expanding upon the magical world of their kid’s TV show pilot.  Bring out the family to enjoy the spectacle of circus arts like juggling and acrobatics, fun skits, music and magic performed by their talented cast, The Treehouse Tribe.  

The theme of this show is “Going on an Adventure,” where Mr. Greenheart guides us through a kaleidoscope of cultures and the lessons of life on the road.  Follow your wanderlust with us!  Colorful costumes, dazzling performances, and audience interaction will be sure to feed your imagination and awaken your inner child!  

We’ve just set up a link to buy tickets online. It may not be live yet, but it should be soon. Here’s the link.

WHEN: Wednesday April 19th, 7pm.

WHERE: All Saints Episcopal Church, Gregg House Annex, 209 W. 27th St., Austin, TX

SUGGESTED DONATION: $10 adult, $5 children.

Jeff McBride in Austin April 1-2

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Jeff McBride appears in Austin April 1-2.

Jeff McBride appears in Austin April 1-2.


Jeff McBride, the famous founder of the Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas, will be appearing in Austin for an exclusive weekend of entertainment, learning and fun.

On Saturday, April 1, the world renowned conjuror presents his intimate one-man show, the Jeff McBride Experience. That show begins at 7:00 p.m.. Then, immediately afterward, Mr. McBride hosts a lecture for magicians to begin approximately at 8:30 p.m.

On April 2, Mr. McBride hosts a four-hour professional workshop for magicians.

Each event  is ticketed separately, but all three are also available as a ticketed package.  The venue  is the Magic Dojo, 6809 Meadow Circle, in Austin.

The link for tickets and more information can be found here.

Richard Turner Film “Dealt” Premiers at SxSW.

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Dealt Facebook Personal Header sxsw screenings


Just in from “DEALT” producer Andrew Lee: The “DEALT” documentary will be premiering at SXSW Film with three showings at the Alamo Drafthouse. It’s been three years since Andrew and Luke last visited Assembly 206 and we happy to see their hard work has come to fruition. We’ve seen clips while the film was in progress but now we can be a part of the excitement and see how the SXSW Film crowd reacts to Richard Turner’s incredible story.

If you already have a SXSW badge, no problem. Just attend one of the three screenings. Walk ups can purchase tickets at the theater for $12. Richard Turner will be attending all of the screenings, so you will have a chance to meet and talk with him about his experience. 

Here’s the link to information about purchasing single-admission tickets screenings to the SXSW Film festival.

The three screenings will be:

  • Monday, Mar 13th, 11:15am @ Alamo Drafthouse Ritz
  • Tuesday, Mar 14th, 2:30pm @ Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar
  • Thursday, Mar 16th, 9:30pm @ Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar

You will want to be sure to attend this once in a lifetime event. See you there! 

Exclusive SAM 206 Deal for Andrew Goldenhersh

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AndrewGoldenhersh 2Andrew Goldenhersh is an utterly amazing magician, a stunning award-winner from Los Angeles who was voted Parlour Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts for both 2009 & 2010. Goldenhersh will be performing his hit one-man show, Closer Up, this month at The Vortex in East Austin.

The Vortex is offering an exclusive deal for SAM 206 members for the Feb. 23 show. Purchase a discounted $15 ticket (generally, only available for students) and upgrade it for FREE to priority seating. This is normally a $35 value. To collect your upgrade just flash your SAM national or SAM 206 event card at the door. Or, failing that, just mention you want the magic club discount.  That should be enough.

The Vortex is located at 2307 Manor Road. The show starts at 8 p.m., but please arrive at least 30 minutes early. Click here for tickets and information. And remember: the SAM 206 discount is only for Thursday, Feb. 23. Choose the discount ticket option and arrive early to collect the priority upgrade.

Daniel Garcia Lectures on Jan. 18

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Danny Garcia lectures for SAM 206 on Jan. 18.

Daniel Garcia lectures for SAM 206 on Jan. 18.

Save the date: Daniel Garcia, one of the biggest names in magic today, is lecturing exclusively for Assembly 206 on Wednesday, Jan. 18!

Daniel Garcia was featured prominently on David Blaine’s recent TV special and has served for more than 10 years as Blaine’s lead magic consultant.

Daniel also has consulted with Dynamo and many other great television magicians. His DVDs and other products are featured with their own page on many popular online magic sites such as Vanishing Inc, Penguin Magic, Ellusionist.com and Theory11.

Daniel’s lecture will be at 7 p.m., Jan. 18, at All Saints Episcopal, 209 W. 27th.  The lecture is for members only, so bring your checkbook. The annual cost of local dues for 2017 is $25.

Astonishing Mike Pisciotta Wows SAM 206 in November

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img_1611By R.A. Dyer

Vanishing coins and fantastic card effects — SAM 206 guest lecturer Mike Pisciotta delivered those marvels and more during the club’s November meet-up.

Pisciotta, the Magic Castle Close-Up Magician of the Year in 2015, bartends and performs miracles, nightly, at the Castle’s Hat & Hare pub. He popped into Austin on Nov. 16 as part of his Southern Lecture Tour.

Although astonishing to witness, Mike’s close-up effects nonetheless appear to be moderately easy to master for a hobbyist. His coin work, in particular, seemed to be equal parts deceptive and simple.

“Great lecture,” said one attendee. “The effects were amazing. Loved the coins.”

In Devil Makes Three, Mike repeatedly caused coins to melt away from one hand, and then appear in the other.  Mike performed the effect simply, slowly and seemingly fairly. It also was presented as a sort of adult sucker trick, that is — Mike provided the audience with a seemingly logical solution to the miracle, but the solution turns out to be a red herring.

Mike also demonstrated an impromptu rising card effect, and another effect in which a selected card appeared sandwiched between two others in a boxed and shuffled deck.

Pisciotta patiently explained each effect and the basis for his performance decisions. He also shared a bit of his philosophy as an artist.

Besides being named as the Castle’s Close-Up Magician of the Year during 2015, Mike also was featured on the Speakeasies episode of Travel Channel’s Best Bars in America,

About 30 magicians, a mixture of both professionals and amateurs, attended the lecture. Mike’s appearance also attracted several new members to SAM 206.

The new 2017 board also was elected during the November meeting. They are Dan Page, President; Jake Dyer, Vice President; Albert Lucio, Vice President; Will Mannis, Sergeant-at-Arms; and Tammy Dietz, Treasurer. The secretary position for 2017  remains open.

Our October Meeting: Paranormal Entertainment

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saul-ravencraft-at-october-2016-sam-meetingGuest Lecture by Chris Walden/Saul Ravencraft

Reported by Kent Cummins

Of course there were 13 people at the October meeting of SAM Assembly 206!

Members and guests were treated to a trip down the rabbit hole with Chris Walden and his alter ego, Saul Ravencraft, in a fascinating two-hour session on the subject of “Paranormal Entertainment.”

Chris began by introducing us to Saul Ravencraft, who spoke about some of the attractions at Austin’s Museum of the Weird…including the true story of Emily, who haunted the museum until Saul held a séance…well, if you don’t know the story, you need to visit the museum!

Saul then treated us to three of his signature routines which were both mystifying and entertaining. Chris later said that Saul had done these routines more than a thousand times, and it showed.

saul-ravencraft-with-the-boxFirst was “The Box,” in which an audience member makes a connection by selecting a card with an artifact to see if it matches the artifact in the box. After much byplay, the connection was made by Paprika. Saul then did a quick palm reading of everyone in the room, explaining the differences between those who were Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. (I am apparently Fire.)

But the highlight of the performance was definitely “Mystery Trip,” an impossible revelation of a place that Jason was only thinking of. The results went beyond those that could have been achieved simply be a magician’s trick. (Ask anyone who was there about “Prague!“)

Saul took his bow, and then Chris Walden took over with the caveat: “I am not going to try to convince you of anything. Everything I tell you will be through my own unique lens, based on my experiences.” Chris then shared some of those experiences.

“What in the world does it mean to be entertained?” Chris asked the audience, resulting in a long list of activities that might qualify as entertainment for someone. Chris then explained his concept of “Paranormal Entertainment,” which he said must be experiential to be effective. He used his experience in both the realms of traditional magic and paranormal entertainment to contrast the styles and results of each.

Chris explained that he felt that often the results were bigger than just a trick, the effect itself, or a story.

Chris then broke down Saul’s performance, bit by bit, explaining not just how each bit was done, but why it was done the way it was. “The Box” turned out to be inspired by Ed Solomon, based on a trick by Aldo Colombini! The Palm Reading was just that: classic palm reading (no tricks). And the Mystery Trip…well, you had to be there.

Finally, Chris shared his thoughts and experiences in “doing it for real,” admitting that his search as a skeptic had led him to some truly unusual places.

Everyone who attended also got an extensive bibliography of relevant publications.

Magic in the Garden: Family Fun from Assembly 206

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Aaron Parker-Fasel, balloon twister extraordinaire!

Aaron Parker-Fasel, balloon twister extraordinaire!

By R.A. Dyer

Clowning, floating kids and balloon animals — all that and more were packed into the Assembly’s recent “Magic in the Garden” event at East Austin’s Vortex Repertory Theater.

The magic variety show for children was sponsored by Assembly 206 as part of its 2016 mission to promote magic in Central Texas. It was conducted on September 24, a Saturday, in lieu of the assembly’s regular monthly meeting, and directed by Austin veteran magician Kent Cummins.

“We had a fantastic time,” said one happy father of two.

Featured performers included Bertil Fredstrom, John Maverick, Peter the Adequate, Bonzo Crunch, Cranius Astounding, Steve Farmer, Cayden Stapp, Shelby Parsons, Robert Castillo and Aaron Parker-Fasel. Cummins, in his “Felonius the Fool” persona, served as master of ceremonies.

The outdoor event began with John “Mad Man” Maverick, who entertained 50 or so attending children with his kid-pleasing RenFest act. Mad Man Maverick performed on the main stage, which was covered with a pop-up shelter to protect performers from the sun and — as it turned out — the rain.

Early forecasts put the chance of showers at 80 percent and as it turned out, those forecasts were 80 percent correct. The afternoon remained generally dry and not until Bonzo the Clown took the stage did the clouds open up. But Bonzo, not missing a beat, brought eager children to the covered stage to watch his hilarious antics up close.

Bertil Fredstrom then took the stage as Black Bert the Magician. The rain had ceased at this point, which allowed Black Bert to amaze the crowd with his fantastic chair levitation.  Peter the Adequate, as the final stage act, concluded the day with a beautiful sponge ball production and his hilarious “Acme disappearing bandana” comedy routine.

Besides the outdoor stage, the Vortex also includes a patio, the Patrizi’s food trailer and an indoor bar.  Close-up card expert Shelby Parsons performed in the bar and also outside on the patio grounds. He shared those spaces with young Cayden Stapp, a rising young talent from Temple, Texas. Other busking performers included JD Stewart, Robert Castillo, Steve Farmer and Cranius Astounding. 

And if that wasn’t enough entertainment, Aaron Parker-Fasel killed as the Lone Star State’s funniest balloon sculptor. Austin’s Famous Magic Camp also sponsored kid’s magic lessons in an outdoor building, the Pony Shed.

And for the generally contented parents, mercifully, there was a wide and satisfying selection of adult beverages at the indoor Butterfly Bar.  “This was awesome,” said one cocktail-sipping adult attendee as he eyed merrily frolicking children. “What more could you want.”

Cummins, who did a fantastic job as the event director, also put together a program for the event, as well as goody bags for the first 100 children who walked through the door. The bags went quickly.

Financial sponsors of the Magic in the Garden include Assembly secretary Steve Farmer and Assembly VP Cranius Astounding. SAM 206 president Jake Dyer served as executive producer.