Burgers, Beer, and a Bunch of Magicians entertain Friends and Family in October!

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Strolling magic during the annual Friends & Family night.

Strolling magic during the annual Friends & Family night.

By Kent Cummins

The October meeting was all about Friends and Family, an annual tradition for our assembly. Our Friends & Family night is one in which non-members are invited and encouraged to enjoy the magic. The meeting was held at Waterloo Icehouse, a popular South Austin restaurant and bar. We had the party room reserved, but encouraged “real people” (unsuspecting customers at the venue) to come in and enjoy the magic.

Master of Ceremonies was none other than “Cranius Astounding!” (Don’t tell anyone, but his secret identity is Dan Page, an active member and former officer in the assembly.). Cranius is an accomplished  magician, but for this gig he brought his ukelele and warmed up the crowd with original songs…and traditional songs with an original twist. He also sings and plays when it is time for the performers to switch tables…much more entertaining than blowing a whistle!

Dan Page performing for Friends & Family night.

Dan Page performing for Friends & Family night.

As always, a crowd favorite was his song about being sawed in half (The name of the song is NOT “All of Me!”)

Tables had brochures from Magic’s Theater & Museum, the popular site of the September meeting. John Magic’s venue is the only theater in Texas that is devoted exclusively to magic.

Eight of our members showed up in costume to entertain everyone with close-up magic at their tables:

Shelby Parsons, Kurt Niebuhr, JD Stewart, MD (Magic Dude), Tim Dietz (Thimeos), Will Mannis, Agustin Tash, Edward Boswell, and President Steve Farmer (“The Blue Saint”)!

Family members, friends, customers, and other magicians were treated to multiple styles of magic by the many performers. Following the official program, some of the magicians then entertained each other with their favorite tricks!

Everyone is looking forward to next month’s meeting, which will be at Waterloo Icehouse again. The theme, is “Magic With Food,” appropriate since the meeting happens shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Visiting magicians are always welcome!

Assembly 206 meets in various interesting locations around Austin, normally on the third Monday of each month. The annual Holiday Banquet, however, will be on the second Monday in December, because of holiday schedules. Contact Jake Dyer at jakedyer@yahoo.com or (512) 658-0017 for more details.

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