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Dec. 2, 2017 — SAM 206 Wizards Ball

Expect games, an award show, a close-up contest, a special guest performer and refreshments. Costumes — such as wacky formal attire or semi-formal attire — are encouraged! The event is FREE, but a suggested donation of $10 is graciously accepted.

The SAM 206 Wizard’s Ball will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 2, at the All Saints Episcopal Church, near the UT campus. RSVP to Tammy Dietz at to reserve your spot.


Dec. 15-17, 2017 — The Wild West Victorian Fest

Featuring The Austin Séance
Hill Country Youth Event Center, Kerrville Texas
Go to for info.


Jan. 26-28, 2018 — The Kerrville Renaissance Festival

Featuring Magical Mystical Michael
Hill Country Youth Event Center, Kerrville Texas
Go to for info.



Esthers Follies, featuring Ray Anderson
525 E. 6th Street

Magic’s Theater, featuring John Magic
13419 Fitzhugh Road

Museum of the Weird, featuring Saul Ravencraft
412 E. 6th Street


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Exclusive SAM 206 Deal for Andrew Goldenhersh

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AndrewGoldenhersh 2Andrew Goldenhersh is an utterly amazing magician, a stunning award-winner from Los Angeles who was voted Parlour Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts for both 2009 & 2010. Goldenhersh will be performing his hit one-man show, Closer Up, this month at The Vortex in East Austin.

The Vortex is offering an exclusive deal for SAM 206 members for the Feb. 23 show. Purchase a discounted $15 ticket (generally, only available for students) and upgrade it for FREE to priority seating. This is normally a $35 value. To collect your upgrade just flash your SAM national or SAM 206 event card at the door. Or, failing that, just mention you want the magic club discount.  That should be enough.

The Vortex is located at 2307 Manor Road. The show starts at 8 p.m., but please arrive at least 30 minutes early. Click here for tickets and information. And remember: the SAM 206 discount is only for Thursday, Feb. 23. Choose the discount ticket option and arrive early to collect the priority upgrade.

FREE Now You See Me 2 Advance Screening with Richard Turner

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For the low, low cost of FREE you can attend an EXCLUSIVE ADVANCED SCREENING of NOW YOU SEE ME 2 with an appearance by card virtuoso Richard Turner.

NYSM2This magic-themed film stars Daniel Radcliffe, Jessie Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and more. Although the movie doesn’t open to the public until later, Now You See Me 2 is screening for FREE for SAM 206 members, their friends and others on Tuesday, May 31. You’ll also get a chance to catch one of the nation’s best card magicians, Richard Turner, live and in person.

This is a great opportunity for the Central Texas magic community. But you must RSVP in advance — and as quickly as possible.

WHEN: TUESDAY, May 31, 7 p.m.
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early. RSVP seats will be released on a first-come, first-serve basis at 6:45 p.m.
HOW: Email Alexia Zamora at to reserve your spot — but do it ASAP. Really.

Magical Mystical Michael Kaufman

Michael Kaufman to perform at Dozen Street

JUNE 17: SAM 206 Magic Showcase

Join SAM 206 for its summer MAGIC SHOWCASE at the Dozen Street Lounge in East Austin. Expect magic and more. The event is FREE for holders of the SAM 206 event card.  The Dozen Street Lounge is at 1808 E. 12th Street. Show starts at 8 p.m.

For more information about SAM 206 or to see a calendar of local magic events, check out the website. Join the SAM206 Facebook page for the latest updates.

New Space, New Friends for SAM 206

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By R.A. Dyer

High ceilings, great parking, plenty of space and the right price — the All Saints Episcopal Church has everything a magic club could ask for.

And after a year of casting about,  the members of Assembly 206 have made All Saints Episcopal their new home. The club held its first meeting in the church’s Gregg House facility on March 30.

VP Dan Page, who helped secure the spot, explained that by making the move from the Onni SouthPark location the club will save more than $100 each month on rent. The church management also has been extremely accommodating, although it stresses that church activities must take precedence over club events.

“There are currently no conflicts with our programs scheduled for 2016, but there remains the possibility of having to reschedule in the future,” said Dan.

Joe Walden

Joe Walden from the UT Magic Club

All Saints is located just a stone’s throw away from the University of Texas campus, and the new meeting days — the third Wednesday’s of each month — fall on the same day that the UT Magic club meets. But the UT Magic Club meets an hour earlier and so it’s expected that many of the student magicians may find their way afterwards to the SAM 206 meetings.

And in fact many UT Magic Club members did exactly that on March 30th, during our first meeting at All Saints. The meeting was led by Albert Lucio, another Assembly 206 VP, and devoted to card magic.  Albert preformed various card effects and also led a discussion into both the presentation of card magic, and some of the mathematical principles that undergird many card effects.

Albert explained that the possible combinations of a deck of cards can be expressed as a 52 factorial. “That number is huge, there are less grains of rain on the earth,” he said.

A guest performer, Joe Walden of the UT Magic Club, spoke a bit about his club’s history and his involvement with it. He explained that the UT Magic Club has been around for about eight years, and that it now sponsors various charity events. “Our club — we’ve got weekly meetings, and we do magic for Dell’s Children hospital. We also do close-up shows and stage shows,” he said.

New SAM 206 Event Cards are good for special discounts.

SAM 206 Event Cards are good for discounts.

Next up was Andy Lau, another UT Magic Club member and a bio-chem major. Andy performed a card miracle in which one spectator thought of a card and then it was found in the deck — but precisely beneath the number of cards selected randomly by another spectator.

Other performers included UT Magic Club president Fin Gao, who performed a feat in which a selected card kept returning to his pocket, and SAM 206 member Edward Boswell, who performed a feat in which a volunteer discovered he was sitting on a selected card.

The other news of the night was the introduction of new SAM 206 “Event Cards.” The cards are good for discounts and free admission to lectures. Magic’s Theater, in South Austin, also has agreed to honor a $3 discount for any Assembly 206 member who attends a show there and presents a SAM 206 Event Card.

The Tiny Plunger Magic of Jon Armstrong

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Jon Armstrong

Jon Armstrong was a hit during the January meeting.

By R.A. Dyer

Direct from Los Angeles, premier close-up magician Jon Armstrong amazed and elucidated during his five-star lecture in January.

The Magic Castle veteran spoke at length to SAM 206 members about card magic and close-up in general. He discussed broad challenges faced by close-up performers and provided great routine ideas.

The magician’s star power drew a big crowd for the Austin lecture.  Armstrong has frequently appeared on TV, and his credits include Fox’s Masters of Illusion and CW’s Penn & Teller Fool Us. Armstrong also has been featured in Harpers Magazine and the New York Times.

Here’s three common stumbling blocks for card magicians, according to Armstrong:

  1. falling into the “pick a card” trap, wherein the trick lacks any surprise element;
  2. presenting boring “procedural” card tricks, wherein the magician engages in laborious pile making and counting; and
  3. failing to create an emotional hook.

Armstrong explained several routines, including an amusing rubber band bit wherein he pulled it visibly through his neck. He also provided step-by-step instruction on several card routines.

However, his most popular routine was the tiny plunger effect, in which he uses a very small replica of a toilet plunger to pick up specific numbers of cards and to identify selected cards. The routine, much of which is fairly easy to perform, lasted approximately 10 minutes.

“That was great — I loved it,” said one attendee afterwards.

As a parting message, Armstrong urged  SAM 206 members to perform with conviction and to show reverence for how their effects appear to the audience.

“Show conviction, intent and reverence and you can improve what you’re doing,” he said. “And when it comes to card magic try to add surprise.”

Burgers, Beer, and a Bunch of Magicians entertain Friends and Family in October!

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Strolling magic during the annual Friends & Family night.

Strolling magic during the annual Friends & Family night.

By Kent Cummins

The October meeting was all about Friends and Family, an annual tradition for our assembly. Our Friends & Family night is one in which non-members are invited and encouraged to enjoy the magic. The meeting was held at Waterloo Icehouse, a popular South Austin restaurant and bar. We had the party room reserved, but encouraged “real people” (unsuspecting customers at the venue) to come in and enjoy the magic.

Master of Ceremonies was none other than “Cranius Astounding!” (Don’t tell anyone, but his secret identity is Dan Page, an active member and former officer in the assembly.). Cranius is an accomplished  magician, but for this gig he brought his ukelele and warmed up the crowd with original songs…and traditional songs with an original twist. He also sings and plays when it is time for the performers to switch tables…much more entertaining than blowing a whistle!

Dan Page performing for Friends & Family night.

Dan Page performing for Friends & Family night.

As always, a crowd favorite was his song about being sawed in half (The name of the song is NOT “All of Me!”)

Tables had brochures from Magic’s Theater & Museum, the popular site of the September meeting. John Magic’s venue is the only theater in Texas that is devoted exclusively to magic.

Eight of our members showed up in costume to entertain everyone with close-up magic at their tables:

Shelby Parsons, Kurt Niebuhr, JD Stewart, MD (Magic Dude), Tim Dietz (Thimeos), Will Mannis, Agustin Tash, Edward Boswell, and President Steve Farmer (“The Blue Saint”)!

Family members, friends, customers, and other magicians were treated to multiple styles of magic by the many performers. Following the official program, some of the magicians then entertained each other with their favorite tricks!

Everyone is looking forward to next month’s meeting, which will be at Waterloo Icehouse again. The theme, is “Magic With Food,” appropriate since the meeting happens shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Visiting magicians are always welcome!

Assembly 206 meets in various interesting locations around Austin, normally on the third Monday of each month. The annual Holiday Banquet, however, will be on the second Monday in December, because of holiday schedules. Contact Jake Dyer at or (512) 658-0017 for more details.

Mark Your Calendars: Magic Movie Night, Exclusive Supernaturalist Discounts, Vortex Wondershow

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These are great times to be an Austin magician. First, the TAOM came to town. Jay Scott Berry was on hand, as well as Amanda Eve, Randi Rain, Tiny Bubbles, Peter Samelson, Robert Baxt, Jade and a host of others. But that was just the Labor Day weekend. Look what else is coming up:


  • Sunday, Sept. 20th: Magic Movie Night Fundraiser at the Alamo Drafthouse. This fundraiser at the South Lamar location of the Drafthouse will feature a screening of The Prestige, starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, plus live close-up magicians before the film and an after-show featuring Peter the Adequate in the adjacent Highball. The movie starts at 6. The Drafthouse is sharing proceeds from ticket sales with Assembly 206. Go here for tickets or more information.
  • Oct. 2 – Oct 4: The Wondershow at the Vortex. Popular mentalist Jon Stetson will headline this great variety show. He’ll be joined by sword-swallowing comic Bred Loudermilk, sensational burlesque entertainers Ruby Joule and Coco Lectric, and western variety art entertainer Chris McDaniel. Also expect an exquisite aerial performance by Bethany Summersizzle of Austin’s Skycandy. Go here for tickets or more information.
  • Oct. 3 – Oct 4: Master Illusionist Ivan Amodei at the Omni Downtown.  Filled with world-class magic, fantastic story-telling, audience participation and incredible live music by Celine Dion’s concert cellist, this intimate performance weaves original, thought-provoking illusions, wit, humor, and dazzling live music together with an entertaining theatrical twist.
    Go here for tickets or more information.
  • CANCELLED Oct. 31-Nov. 1: The Supernaturalists at the Bass Concert Hall. Assembly 206 during its October meeting will be raffling two tickets to this spectacular magic variety show, produced by Las Vegas great Criss Angel.  Performers include illusionist Landon Swank, mentalist Banachek, femme fatale of legerdermain Krystyn and escape artist Spencer Horsman. Contact Assembly secretary Jake Dyer to get your special Assembly 206 code for discounted tickets. Go here for tickets or more information.

Lecture September 18th: Doug Conn

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Doug Conn is one of the most highly revered magicians in the world. With over 20 years experience as a professional magician, and having performed across the world for restaurants, bars, casinos, riverboats, banquets, tradeshows, meetings, conventions, corporate events, and various other types of events, very few magicians of this era have the unique standing which Doug Conn has achieved.
Apart from being a marvel in his trade, Doug Conn is also known for his fun interactions with the crowd. His distinct, satiating style of presentation is not only informative, but also is an inspiration and has contributed to the craft of professional magic worldwide. Doug is credited with, among others, two major DVD releases, ‘Built to Last’ and ‘Pinky Swear’, which has been hailed as an ideal resource for any aspiring magician to perfect his or her skills.
Interestingly, Doug’s DVDs do not just look at the popular tricks of the trade but include his experiments and a detailed guide for the “intermediate magician” to hone ones skills in commercial magic. Performing magic for fun or as a personal hobby and performing magic commercially are not the same. Doug’s informative DVDs sheds light on a plethora of subjects that a budding magician ought to discover, know, learn and practice.
“While both the DVD projects have found widespread critical acclaim and have been bestsellers worldwide, I am ready to deliver my upcoming education magic lecture tour across the country. As a part of his ‘Connspiracy Theories’ tour throughout the United States, I will be hosting 2 hourlectures at every stop in the tour where magicians can be a part of the pricelessly informative and inspirational hands-on coaching in a fun setting.” Said, Conn Owner Doug Conn Magic
During Doug’s informative and fun lectures, magicians of all levels will be able to watch, learn, and practice everything from magical effects to various scientific theories and how they apply to the professional world of magic. Doug will also share some of the secrets that have made him one of the most respected names in the world of magic.

Lecture Flier: