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Upcoming: The SAM 206 Wizard’s Ball

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RSVP now for the SAM 206 WIZARD’S BALL. The holiday extravaganza will include games, an award show, a close-up contest, a special guest performer and refreshments.  Costumes — such as wacky formal or semi-formal attire — are encouraged!

The event is FREE, but a suggested donation of $10 is graciously accepted.

The SAM 206 Wizard’s Ball will be held on Saturday, Dec. 2nd at the All Saints Episcopal Church, near the UT campus.  Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Be sure to RSVP to Tammy Dietz at

This Month: Holiday Dinner Magic, Pranks & Props

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Just in time for Thanksgiving, SAM 206 is sponsoring a meet-up on after-dinner magic, pranks and props. Bring your favorite table-top trick to amaze your friends. Have a Thanksgiving prank? Now’s the time to share. An old-time prop? Bring it out and tell us a story.

Magicians will be explaining some of their favorite effects, plus distributing instructions.We’ll also be voting on new board officers for 2018. If you want to serve, now’s the chance to run.

This meeting is 100 percent FREE. We’ll be gathering at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 15, at the All Saints Episcopal Church, near the UT campus.

Illusionist Scott Pepper Exclusive Guest of SAM 206

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Scott PepperLearn how to create your own dinner theater and get other pro-tips from veteran magician and illusionist Scott Pepper, the special guest on Oct. 18 of Society of Americans Magician Assembly 206.
A UK native, Scott received his first magic kit for his 10th birthday and hasn’t looked back since. He has performed throughout the UK and the United States, and also taken his show out to sea as an entertainer for some of the world’s most prestigious cruise lines.
 In 2015 Scott brought his show to San Antonio, where he produces his critically acclaimed “Magician’s Agency” dinner theater in the upscale King William National Historic District.  Scott also performed this year at Hollywood’s Magic Castle and has been featured on The CW network’s hit show ‘”Masters of Illusion.”
Scott’s lecture will include:
  • Britain’s Got Talent and what you can learn from failure.
  • Disney Cruise lines – Getting the gig and not taking no for an answer.
  • The o-1 visa, Magic Castle and Masters of Illusion. Getting the dream gigs.
  • Creativity and creating entertaining effects for your audience.
  • The Magicians Agency – creating a Dinner theater from scratch.

This month’s meeting is free to SAM 206 members, $20 for non-members. We’re meeting at the usual spot, the All Saint’s Episcopal Church, 209 W. 27th Street, near the UT campus.

The Pre-Halloween Spook Session

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turning tricks with the DarlingsJoin our friends Jack & Christine Darling, of Turning Tricks with the Darlings, for our special Pre-Halloween Spook Show Session.  Jack and Christine will have some of their awesome props in tow, and also will be participating in a fun panel discussion with other special guests. This magicians-only meeting is FREE for SAM 206 members. As always, we’ll be gathering at the All Saints’ Episcopal Church, 209 W. 27th Street, near the UT campus. This Sept. 20th meeting starts at 7 p.m..


SAM 206 hosts UK Mentalist Ken Dyne in June

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UK Mentalist Kennedy Dyne lectures June 21.

UK Mentalist Kennedy Dyne lectures June 21.

Don’t miss this EXCLUSIVE Austin lecture of UK mentalist Kennedy Dyne. This globe-trotting veteran of conferences, corporate events and luxury cruise ships will treat us to some of his behind-the-scenes secrets, including such prized routines as the the lie-detector bit known as Mr. GOLDEN BALLS. You’ll also learn a book test that you will actually use and of course Kennedy will share his revolutionary approach to the ‘thought of card’ plot as well as much more.

As always, we’ll be at the All Saints Episcopal Church, 209 W. 27th Street, near the University of Texas campus in Austin. The June 21 meeting starts at 7 p.m.

It’s FREE for members, $20 non-members.

SAM 206 Hosts Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse

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Mr. Greenheart

Mr. Greenheart

Let’s Go on an Adventure Together!

Come one, come all — to a Circus Variety Show featuring characters from Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse! CIRCUS PICNIC Entertainment Studio unveils a theatrical experience expanding upon the magical world of their kid’s TV show pilot.  Bring out the family to enjoy the spectacle of circus arts like juggling and acrobatics, fun skits, music and magic performed by their talented cast, The Treehouse Tribe.  

The theme of this show is “Going on an Adventure,” where Mr. Greenheart guides us through a kaleidoscope of cultures and the lessons of life on the road.  Follow your wanderlust with us!  Colorful costumes, dazzling performances, and audience interaction will be sure to feed your imagination and awaken your inner child!  

We’ve just set up a link to buy tickets online. It may not be live yet, but it should be soon. Here’s the link.

WHEN: Wednesday April 19th, 7pm.

WHERE: All Saints Episcopal Church, Gregg House Annex, 209 W. 27th St., Austin, TX

SUGGESTED DONATION: $10 adult, $5 children.

Daniel Garcia Lectures on Jan. 18

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Danny Garcia lectures for SAM 206 on Jan. 18.

Daniel Garcia lectures for SAM 206 on Jan. 18.

Save the date: Daniel Garcia, one of the biggest names in magic today, is lecturing exclusively for Assembly 206 on Wednesday, Jan. 18!

Daniel Garcia was featured prominently on David Blaine’s recent TV special and has served for more than 10 years as Blaine’s lead magic consultant.

Daniel also has consulted with Dynamo and many other great television magicians. His DVDs and other products are featured with their own page on many popular online magic sites such as Vanishing Inc, Penguin Magic, and Theory11.

Daniel’s lecture will be at 7 p.m., Jan. 18, at All Saints Episcopal, 209 W. 27th.  The lecture is for members only, so bring your checkbook. The annual cost of local dues for 2017 is $25.

Famed Close Up Magician Jon Armstrong to Lecture in Austin

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Jon Armstrong

Jon Armstrong

Famed close-up magician Jon Armstrong will be the main attraction for the annual membership meeting of Assembly 206 on Jan. 18. The veteran LA and Las Vegas performer is a regular at the Magic Castle, has made TV appearances on Masters of Illusion and Penn & Teller’s Fool Us and has been featured in Harpers Magazine and the New York Times.

The lecture is FREE for members, but you MUST be a paid member to attend. The annual dues are $25. So better bring your check book.

We’ll be meeting at the Omni South Park, on Governor’s Row in South Austin. That’s a giant map, just below this article. And check back here later for additional details about Jon’s appearance. We’ll post up more information in the coming weeks.


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Magical Mystical Michael Kaufman

Magical Mystical Michael Kaufman

By R.A. Dyer

Magical Mystical Michael with special guest Arsene Dupin — performing together as the infamous Mouth Brothers — will headline this year’s holiday banquet, to be held Dec. 14th at Austin’s First Baptist Church.

Doors open at 6, dinner is served at 6:45 and the magicians go on stage at 7:45. First Baptist is located at at 901 Trinity Street, in downtown. We’ve included a map, below.

Our banquet is a community potluck, although Assembly 206 furnishes the main course. There’s no charge to attend.

What can you do to help? Here’s a list of five things for your holiday check list:

First: send your RSVP to club treasurer Tammy Dietz. She can be reached at She needs to hear from everyone by Dec. 4th.

Second: bring a dish. If your last name starts with A through F, bring an appetizer. If your last name starts with G through N, bring a side dish. If your last name starts with O through Z, bring a salad. Also, Assembly 206 is hosting a dessert contest, so bring something yummy and win a prize.

Arsene Dupin

Arsene Dupin

Third: help us support the LifeWorks Foster Care LifeSkills Program. Please consider donating a gift card from Big Lots, HEB, Dollar Tree, Target or Visa — in any denomination. LifeWorks also accepts contributions of youth hygiene supplies such as soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrushes and deodorants. Other useful contributions include backpacks, spiral notebooks, pens and other school supplies.

The LifeWorks Foster Care LifeSkills Program works with foster youth to develop skills for self-sufficiency. Assembly 206 is proud to partner with this great organization during the holiday season. You can read more about LifeWorks Foster Care at

Fourth: Although there is no charge to attend, we’d appreciate it if all members and would-be members come prepared to pay their $25 local dues for the upcoming year. It’s expensive running the club. By paying your dues, you help ensure that we have enough money for fun activities in 2016.

Fifth: THANK TAMMY DIETZ. Our Assembly 206 secretary works tirelessly every year to create a wonderful holiday banquet. When you see her, please be sure to let her know how much we appreciate her hard work. In fact, when you email your RSVP, you might ask her how you can help.

And now about Magical Mystical Michael and Arsene Dupin: the veteran comedy magicians have performed in countless cities here and abroad, wowing both critics and the public. They are  veterans of Renaissance Festivals, street fairs and countless corporate events.

“An impressive tour de force,” said one Chicago Tribune critic of Magical Mystical Michael, also known as Michael Kaufman. He’ll be joined on stage by Arsene Dupin, who has performed on TV and at the White House and is the resident magician of Austin’s One World Theater.

See you at the banquet and happy holidays!

Burgers, Beer, and a Bunch of Magicians entertain Friends and Family in October!

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Strolling magic during the annual Friends & Family night.

Strolling magic during the annual Friends & Family night.

By Kent Cummins

The October meeting was all about Friends and Family, an annual tradition for our assembly. Our Friends & Family night is one in which non-members are invited and encouraged to enjoy the magic. The meeting was held at Waterloo Icehouse, a popular South Austin restaurant and bar. We had the party room reserved, but encouraged “real people” (unsuspecting customers at the venue) to come in and enjoy the magic.

Master of Ceremonies was none other than “Cranius Astounding!” (Don’t tell anyone, but his secret identity is Dan Page, an active member and former officer in the assembly.). Cranius is an accomplished  magician, but for this gig he brought his ukelele and warmed up the crowd with original songs…and traditional songs with an original twist. He also sings and plays when it is time for the performers to switch tables…much more entertaining than blowing a whistle!

Dan Page performing for Friends & Family night.

Dan Page performing for Friends & Family night.

As always, a crowd favorite was his song about being sawed in half (The name of the song is NOT “All of Me!”)

Tables had brochures from Magic’s Theater & Museum, the popular site of the September meeting. John Magic’s venue is the only theater in Texas that is devoted exclusively to magic.

Eight of our members showed up in costume to entertain everyone with close-up magic at their tables:

Shelby Parsons, Kurt Niebuhr, JD Stewart, MD (Magic Dude), Tim Dietz (Thimeos), Will Mannis, Agustin Tash, Edward Boswell, and President Steve Farmer (“The Blue Saint”)!

Family members, friends, customers, and other magicians were treated to multiple styles of magic by the many performers. Following the official program, some of the magicians then entertained each other with their favorite tricks!

Everyone is looking forward to next month’s meeting, which will be at Waterloo Icehouse again. The theme, is “Magic With Food,” appropriate since the meeting happens shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Visiting magicians are always welcome!

Assembly 206 meets in various interesting locations around Austin, normally on the third Monday of each month. The annual Holiday Banquet, however, will be on the second Monday in December, because of holiday schedules. Contact Jake Dyer at or (512) 658-0017 for more details.