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Oct. 19: “Friends & Family” at Waterloo Ice House

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Shelby Parsons

Shelby Parsons

Assembly 206 will be hosting its annual Friends and Family night on Monday, Oct. 19th. Expect miracles with coins, cards and more — all performed close-up, at your table by Tim Dietz, Shelby Parsons, Albert Lucio, Steve Farmer, Edward Boswell, Agustin Tash, Kurt Niebuhr and more. 

This month’s Friends & Family meeting is at a new location: the Waterloo Ice House at Slaughter and Escarpment, in South Austin. As always, the fun starts at 7 p.m. Non-members and the general public are welcome.

That’s the map, just below.

Sept. 20: Magic Movie Night at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar

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prestige2The Society of American Magicians and Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar present Magic Movie Night featuring The Prestige, live close-up magicians and an after-show performance by Peter the Adequate.

This special fundraising event will be on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th, and will be held in lieu of our regular Monday meeting.

The Prestige — one of the best magic-themed films ever — stars Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson and … wait for it … David Bowie. The fun starts at 6, with close-up magicians in the theater before the movie and a free performance by crowd favorite Peter the Adequate afterwards in the adjacent Highball Lounge.

Bring a date. Or two. Bring your grandma even. Proceeds benefit Central Texas magic and Assembly 206 … so don’t miss it.  You can get your tickets at the Alamo website, at this link. 

Aug. 17th: Magic’s Theater and Museum

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John Magic at his little-known theater just southwest of Austin.

John Magic performing at his  theater southwest of Austin.

Just southwest of Austin, along a country road, sits a mysterious and little-known theater and  museum. There’s no other venue in Texas like it.

Magic’s Theater, on Fitzhugh Road, is the state’s only theater and museum exclusively devoted to our art. It may be the world’s best kept magician’s secret.

And owner John “Magic” Wright will be leading Assembly 206 members on a tour of the facility on Monday, Aug. 17th, during the club’s regularly scheduled meeting.

John’s museum includes a replica of Harry Houdini’s famous Chinese Water Torture Cell, wardrobe and props from Doug Henning, and photographs and posters of contemporary magicians. Also be prepared for a few other surprises during our visit.

The event gets started at 7:30. (We’re starting a little later than usual, to give folks time to make it to the venue.)  It’s free an open to Assembly members. For information about joining the Assembly, please email club secretary Jake Dyer, at

And if you’re on Facebook, please share the invite with your magician friends.


13419 Fitzhugh Road is southwest of Austin, in Hays County, located about a half hour from Downtown Austin, just off Highway 290 West. 

Monday, May 18: Member Promotional Night at the OMNI SOUTHPARK

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Agustin Tash will be taking promotional pictures for members during the May 18th Assembly meeting.

Come join us Monday night for the Assembly’s Promotion night and have your promo shot taken by Agustin Tash and Edward Boswell. Magicians are encouraged to come prepared with their performance attire for the photo shoots. Members will also have a chance to learn how to create a media packet and how to give a 30-second pitch.

The Assembly also will provide refreshments and cake so members can socialize while the photos are being taken.

The meeting this month will be held at the Omni SouthPark Hotel, 4140 Governors Row, Austin, TX, 78744.  We’ll get going at 7 p.m.

There are a few things to know about the promotional photos:

  • Due to time constraints it is highly encouraged that you are prepared and ready to take your photo. Time slots will be determined by the number of attendees. Attendees will be given a number with a corresponding slot for their photo to be taken. It is best to expect only 5 minutes of photo time.
  • The photo provided to you will be unedited images for you to edit or process.
  • Back drops will be white, green or hotel wall.
  • You must provide your own props (including tables, closeup pads, etc), makeup, hair styling, etc. A table will provide with mirrors to help you adjust into character before your shoot.
  • Please be courteous of others and use your photo time wisely. We only have the room for a short period of time and would like to ensure that every member has time to be photographed.
  • Headshots will be used for the SAM website membership page.
  • The photo session is free for SAM members. Non-members will be required to pay $25 for a photo session (this fee will be waived if you join the assembly).

March 16: Card Handling & Book Release

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Join us Monday, March 16th, for a great evening on card magic. Brad Henderson, Mike Brewer,

The South Austin Card Group will be releasing their new paperback book, "The Saturday Morning Session."

The South Austin Card Group will be releasing their new paperback book, “The Saturday Morning Session.”

Kent Cummins and Agustin Tash will debate their ideas on card handling. Each panelist will provide a 10-minute argument using card effects, sleights and experiences to present their side. Then the panelist will sit and take questions from the moderator, Albert Lucio, and the audience. It will be a great night of insight and prestidigitation.

At the meeting the South Austin Card Group will be releasing their new paperback book, “The Saturday Morning Session.” The book is 67 pages of card magic ranging from automatic to advance work by 10 amazing contributors: Mike Brewer, Ron Cartlidge, Kent Cummins, Terrill Fischer, Roger Gorss, Brad Henderson, Lou Hornung, Albert Lucio, Carlos Santillan and Agustin Tash.

SAM 206 members will receive a free copy. Non-SAM 206 members can learn how to order a copy at meeting.

And don’t forget: this meeting is at the Fantastic Magic Camp, in Highland Mall. You can click on this link for directions.

The Details:

Assembly 206 meets on March 16th at The Fantastic Magic Camp in Highland Mall at 6001 Airport Blvd, Suite N. . The meeting starts at 7 p.m. For detailed directions, click here.